Welcome to Devon Construction Training (DCT)

Founded in 1980 we are a "Not for Profit" Members' organisation comprising of small and medium sized companies working in construction across Devon. We have links with various professional institutes, trade federations, colleges and other training providers, but our main focus is on the training needs of companies working in construction.

DCT welcomes new members, please¬† contact our Training Officer, Marie Coyde, to discuss either on 07399 513971 or by email [email protected].

What is it all About?
The main objectives of DCT are to offer members access to cost effective training, when possible, at local venues, at a time and date suitable to those attending; to promote a forum on current training issues and to facilitate links between Members and training providers.

Where is it At?
It is mainly in Devon. There are similar organisations in neighbouring Plymouth, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset and there are also specialist Groups such as the Roofing Group. We co-operate with each other to provide training together, when appropriate.

How is it Run?
DCT is an independent training organisation with its own Training Officer and is managed by an Executive Committee elected by the Members. We are part funded and supported by CITB. Any surplus funds are reinvested into further training for the benefit of our Members.

When does it Happen?
It is happening virtually all the year round and details of our current Training Programme of courses and workshops are updated regularly here on our website, and are circulated to all our Members.


Any Devon based company, who is not already a Member and believes in our philosophy, is welcome to join us and reap the benefits we can offer. These include:

  • Subsidised Training courses arranged by us to meet Members' needs whenever possible.
  • A chance to contribute to DCT, the courses and workshops we organise, events we may run, attend meetings and even join our Executive Committee.
  • Access to our Training Officer who will endeavour to assist you with any specific training issues.
  • Help your company to maintain good working and safety standards through training.
  • Ease, particularly for smaller companies, what can be a time consuming and costly effort to arrange training.

Joining forces with DCT can help your company in many respects and have benefits for the company, your employees and therefore your clients. Click here to download Membership Application Form

If you are interested please contact our Training Officer Marie Coyde on 07399 513971 or email us on [email protected].

The current annual membership fee is only £72.00 + VAT