Mission Statement

The organisation exists to provide Members with access to Training that meets their needs, is local to them and is affordable together with other associated work, all as summarised below:

  • Provide and maintain a Programme of Training to meet the needs of the Members.
  • Encourage the continued recruitment of Apprentices into the Construction Industry by the Members.
  • Provide a forum for discussion on local training issues and the promotion of best practice.
  • Foster the upskilling of Members' operatives and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of their staff.
  • Seek to build its membership with companies willing to encompass the philosophy of DCT.
  • Co-operate and liaise with other organisations involved with our work, including Colleges, Skills Groups, other Trainers and particularly the CITB.

Business Plan

Training - continue to provide high value, cost efficient Training as requested by our Members to meet their requirements as far as practically possible.

The Training to be provided at venues spread across the county, including "In House" company courses, where this makes the most efficient use of resource.

To use fully the CITB Supported Training Grant to subsidise training fees across the membership, as far as demand dictates.

Membership - to continually engage with our Members, particularly to encourage those with little involvement in current training to become more active.

Seek to recruit new members who have a will to encompass our Members' Charter. Providing initial additional support to smaller companies who are entering into a training regime for the first time.

Apprenticeships - encourage and support our members in their efforts to recruit apprentices and other trainees into our industry.

Construction Ambassadors and Engagement with Schools - Promote the training of Construction Ambassadors within our members, to aid their recruitment efforts through schools, colleges and careers events, encourage member companies to offer Work Experience to local schools and colleges.

GoConstruct - Encourage members to access and register on the GoConstruct Website.

CITB Grants and Funds - Encourage members to access CITB Grants, Flexible and Structured Funds, and CITB Products and Services

Workshops & CPD - to work further with the members to determine any requirements they may have for this type of training.

Communication - provide a minimum of three Members' Forums through the year, each incorporating a presentation on a particular topic of current interest.